The Official Worldwide Japanese-Language Proficiency Test Website is operated by the Japan Foundation and Japan Educational Exchanges and Services.

Test Registration Process

Taking the Test in Japan

Check test date on Japan Educational Exchanges and Services (JEES) website

  • First test(July): From early February
  • Second test(December): From early July

Sign up for MyJLPT on JEES website (register at any time)

  • First test(July): From mid-March
  • Second test(December): From mid-August

Apply via JEES website and pay application fee

  • First test(July): From late March to mid-April
  • Second test(December): From late August to mid-September

Receive test voucher from JEES

  • First test(July): Mid-June
  • Second test(December): Mid-November

Take test

  • First test(July): Early July
  • Second test(December): Early December

Receive test results from JEES

All examinees in each level will receive a Score Report. Successful examinees will receive a Certificate of Proficiency.
Examinees can view test results by logging on to MyJLPT.

  • First test(July): Early September
  • Second test(December): Early February

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