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Three JLPT test-takers living in Japan talk about Japanese language, culture and the JLPT!

  • Why Study Japanese?
  • Gateway to Education and Employment
  • Fascinating Japanese Expressions

Gateway to Education and Employment

Initially I studied Japanese on my own. I started studying Japanese seriously after entering college.

I also started studying Japanese in college. In German schools, there weren’t many opportunities to study Japanese.

I studied Japanese literature at college. They didn’t let you graduate unless you passed JLPT Level 1 (old test).

The JLPT qualification was also very important when I applied to the company that I will start working at next month.

Companies almost always ask about JLPT when you apply for a job in Japan.

To work in Japan, the JLPT qualification is the second most important thing after your passport!

I had to pass the N2 level or higher in order to come to study in Japan.

The qualification is also important when going back home to find a job, since there are many Japanese companies in Indonesia. My friends are studying hard too, since your salary differs depending on the level you pass. With the JLPT qualification, it must be a great advantage.

I feel that the Japanese I learned for the JLPT is more practical and useful for my life here in Japan than the Japanese I learned at school in Germany.

Since I started studying for the JLPT, I’ve been more and more able to understand the Japanese news.


Books and References

  • Book Information
  • Reference Download
  • JLPT Bulletin
  • For Teachers: Explanatory Materials
Test Dates
  • First test: Sunday, July 5, 2020
  • Second test: Sunday, December 6, 2020
*Outside Japan, the test may be held only in July or December in some cities. Click here for the test schedule in your city.

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