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Certificate Issuance

Tests Conducted in Other Countries

It may take up to 4-5 weeks to reissue the certificate since we receive many applications. Please make sure that you apply well in advance.
We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding.

Please submit your request to the Japan Foundation or the local host institution of the city in which you took the test.

1. Requesting the Japan Foundation for Certificate Reissuance:

Please submit your request via the application form below. (Requests submitted by fax and brought directly to the Center for Japanese-Language Testing cannot be accepted.)

Reissuance is free of charge.

Reissue requests will be accepted after shipment has started of the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test Certificate of Result and Scores (and for successful examinees also the Certificate of Japanese-Language Proficiency) from Japan to Local Host Institutions in Overseas Test Site Cities. For each test, this means:

1st test (July):Early September

2nd test (December): Early February

However, it may take longer to issue your certificate immediately after the acceptance of reissue requests begins due to the large number of application forms we receive.

Issuance and delivery of a certificate may take time.

Your certificate will be mailed to your specified address after issuance. (Certificates cannot be picked up from the Center for Japanese-Language Testing.)

For addresses in Japan, delivery of your certificate will take approximately three days after the Center for Japanese-Language Testing has mailed the certificate. For addresses outside Japan, it may take more than two weeks, depending on the area.

Issuance and delivery of a certificate will take more time than usual before and after long Japanese holidays such as the New Year’s, summer, and Golden Week holidays.

* Please give yourself plenty of time to apply for your certificate if you have deadlines to submit the certificate for studying abroad, higher education, employment, etc.

2. Requesting a Local Host Institution for Certificate Reissuance:

* For individuals who took the old test in 2009 or earlier, a certificate that contains pass/fail results and lists the test sections and scores of the old test will be issued. Please refer to "FAQ" to see how the old test would be compared to the current test.

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